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  1. DNS over HTTPS with Unbound and Stubby

    By user

    Use the following configuration and set the DHCP server to hand out and fd00:2d3f:7fc8:3::53 as DNS server.

    Note: local network will not resolve with this Unbound config.


      - 0::1@8053
    root@doh …
  2. self-hosted mail with postfix and dovecot

    By user

    For my 19.99USD/yr VPS, the self-hosted email server solution provided by mailinabox is simply too bloated. This post will show you how to build a simple IMAP&SMTP-only mail server with Postfix and Dovecot with DKIM support. No DNS server, no fancy webmail, no CardDAV.


    • Supports DKIM …