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  1. welcome to pelican

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    Migrated to pelican, a static blog generator powered by Python.

    Old links to this site are broken again, if any.

  2. DNS over HTTPS with Unbound and Stubby

    By user

    Use the following configuration and set the DHCP server to hand out and fd00:2d3f:7fc8:3::53 as DNS server.

    Note: local network will not resolve with this Unbound config.


      - 0::1@8053
    root@doh …
  3. self-hosted mail with postfix and dovecot

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    For my 19.99USD/yr VPS, the self-hosted email server solution provided by mailinabox is simply too bloated. This post will show you how to build a simple IMAP&SMTP-only mail server with Postfix and Dovecot with DKIM support. No DNS server, no fancy webmail, no CardDAV.


    • Supports DKIM …